torsdag, augusti 31, 2006

BBC Radio

Jag hittade precis min drömradiokanal - BBC 7. Snart ska June Whitfield läsa ur sina memoarer. Just nu är det en dramatisering av Murder at the Vicarage. I love the beeb. Passande dessutom eftersom jag från och med idag inte längre kommer att kunna titta på BBC Prime.

Daphne, I listen to BBC Radio a lot. I started with Terry Wogan in the morning and Jonathan Ross ( I love Jonatahan Ross, do go watch some of his Friday night show on youtube, he's brilliant) on Radio 2, went on to some more serious listening at Radio 4 (and the Archers obv.)and now went on to BBC 7 which is comedy, kids and drama and the bit I'm after is drama. I could sit for hours just listening to Brits talking (and my new listening-to-favourite Australian English, it's utterly fascinating). I might just live through my (albeit voluntary) divorce from BBC Prime. Internet is the bestest thing that ever happened to me (apart from the kids obviously (mixed blessing that they are), and books, and Twinings Organic Earl Grey, and chocolate, and J.) I am such an anorak.

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