onsdag, september 20, 2006

Another post!

There is a monster on the floor in the kitchen; he's actually holding the kitchen hostage and I can't go out there to make a cup of tea, then he pulls at my feet screaming at the top of his lungs "Give me a sandwiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiich" (i.e. an ice cream). And then he cries like he's lost in space, alone and only three years old and we can hear the echoes (I know about the oxygene obv. and so on and of course there would be no echoes but then again Edvin has not been out there yet... )
I have so much work to do for the next 2 weeks that I barely know where to begin (I do know this is not one of the places, but then I may have to blog to stay sane who knows?). I like having the work though since I will be able to buy clothes. Maybe I will even managae to find an Agnès B. shop when in France. Now he is gone I will hasten to make tea lest he comes back. Mm, Earl Grey.

(He did not get an ice cream. He threw the same tantrum over who was going to wipe his bottom the other day. That was when we decided never to give in. (I am lying I would have given him four ice creams had not J come home to support us. (He did not come home beacuse of this, we were just lucky. Just so we're clear)))

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