fredag, oktober 06, 2006

What's the world coming to?

Vad är det för människor som lämnar en kyl full med kall pizza hemma hos en superstressad fuckup som ska ha balkjol på sig inom kort? Och så funkar inte Word. Det är inte kul att översätta 5000 ord utan stavningskontroll. Pas du tout.

Daphne, I made such a mess of something. It was an honest mistake in light of my current sitiation (i.e. all the colds going on in the family), but still. Every time I woke up last night it all cam flooding back within a second. I might apply for a job in speech writing, specialty - clichés, instead. Or I'll apply for that other subtitling job, maybe that's all I'm good for. Oh, incidentally. Me f*cking things up this badly may have as a consequence that I cannot go to the party tomorrow, which would be a good thing as I then can have all the left over pizza sitting in the fridge. There are also several cans of Coke (I'm actually drooling now) and some Fanta. I'd kill for a nice cold Dr Pepper right now. You can hear the hysterical silent screaming going on in my head and my stomach, yes?

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