lördag, december 23, 2006

Merry etc

We're just waiting for the 5-year old to go to bed so we can sit back an and enjoy National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation THE best christmas movie in the world. Then we're putting all the presents under the christmas tree (Edvin is so sure Santa will come tonight and he keeps bugging us with questions: -Will I hear him say ho-ho-ho? (he's seen too many xmas movies in English) and - Why won't he let us see him? I answered I don't know and couldn't think of an answer, but then I realised that Santa is not real, obviously.

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Daph sa...

IT CERTAINLY IS THE BEST CHRISTMAS MOVIE!!!!!! :) Connor has asked all day long about Santa and will he hear him say HO! HO! HO!
SADLY ENOUGH, I had the same realization as you...but the kid in me will ALWAYS believe in the magic of Christmas!!! :) Love to you and yours my dear friend!