torsdag, december 21, 2006

Update, basically

As I have this huge, time-consuming assignment I've decided to only write posts in English for the duration of this job. It will take forever but the deadline is sometime in February. I went into the city today to get new outfits for the boys for Christmas. I feel this is expected. But as they are boys there is only dull stuff. Brown sweaters with dark green stripes and/or cars and dinosaurs.
Now back to my lists. I'm not tranlsating at the moment. I'm lexicographing (well, there should be a verb) and it's lovely. But time-consuming.
Yesterday we drank Bollinger as it was Wednesday + J got a new job. We had champagne with hamburgers. And Ben & Jerry's Dublin Mudslide.

3 kommentarer:

Daph sa...

Congrats to J on the new job!!!!! What's Bollinger?? Luv Ben & Jerry's!!!

Eva-L sa...

It's champagne, the good stuff and it was.

Anonym sa...

after reading your entry and posting mine, it clicked in my mind... ahhh, yes..Bollinger, champagne... I remembered as soon as I published my comment! :-)