söndag, mars 25, 2007

Pictures from my trip to Brighton

If I had to choose between going anywhere in the world, with company*, or stay in this room, on my own, for a few days, I'd most probably choose this room. I spent at least 12 hours on the bed, reading. I read the entire Black Magician trilogy by Trudi Canavan (and some Pratchett, he works like a downer). This is heaven, non?
We went to have a look at the bridge from which Winnie the Pooh and Piglet (and maybe C.R.?)throw sticks, but got lost and found these lovely wood anemones instead. We found a bridge crossing the same brook, but this does not count. I will therefore have to return to Ashdown Forest as I cannot leave a quest uncompleted. Lovely long walk though.

Click on the picture to make it larger and then you can read the sign. If you ever go there on a Sunday the shop doesn't open until 11.00, but they have a loo.

This is me and E with Lush's chocolate facial pack on our faces and also some hair gunk pack in our hair. We thought we'd have an all girl's night in, but J.D's team lost the rugby match so he was back in time to take this picture. Fortunately he was plastered.

This is the church in Shoreham-by-sea. It is ever so picturesque.

*I'd go to Disneyland, Paris with the kids any time and I'd also go to New York with J. But that is only because I know I can return to this haven when I need to.

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Evova sa...

Room still here and the latest Trudi Cavanah (or whatever her name is)trilogy is in the bookshelf waiting for you...