tisdag, maj 13, 2008


Plötsligt upptäckte jag hur man lägger upp flera bilder samtidigt. Det hade ju varit smidigt att kunna från början.
Daphne, we spent Valborg in Östergötland with my parents. We had marshmallows (not s'mores, I think they're very sticky plus you loose the effect of the crispy outside and melted inside). Then we made our own sushi which was interesting and not as difficult as it looks. My mom wanted to make jello for the kids so we let her. It looks a bit floppy, but with a bit of whipped cream it was delicious. Other than that I've been working a lot. Also J discovered one of my clients didn't pay their bill in February (more than $3000) which explains why I haven't got any money. Alas, this didn't stop us from eating out at Grand last Friday (there are pictures of the food under IMAGES GASTRONOMY. I had an egg that had been cooked in the oven for 1 hour in 62 or 63 centigrades, I forget which. It was very good. This weekend we're going back to my parents to celebrate (one of) my cousin's girlfriend's 30th birthday. I hope I'll have time to visit my grandmother who's in rehab as she had to have an amputation. It sounds v. dramatic, and I expect it rather was for her, but she's quite well now.

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anna sa...

jäklar vad killarna blivit långhåriga!!!

Anonym sa...

Jag vill bara påpeka att jag bor i Östergötland.. I ett nytt hus som du/ni inte har sett ännu.. Och vi är hemma i helgen..
/ Malin.

Eva-L sa...

fru a: fast de blev klippta litegrann dagen efter fotot togs:-)

malin: imorgon klockan 15 ska vi på kalas (vid Mossen) vi kommer gärna och går husesyn innan. jag ringer.