torsdag, augusti 14, 2008


I actually bought a song from Itunes w. Diana Ross. To be fair it was The Supremes, but still, it is a bit of a step forward I think. The song was Where Did Our Love Go. I kind of like it and I was gonna tell you earlier when we spoke on the phone, but Harry kind of took my breath away. I'm gonna get For Once in My Life now.

This is really a personal message to V, but we've already spoken on the phone for hours this week. Also I'm going to write in English for a bit so Daphne can read too. Maybe it'll cheer her up a bit. But then I don't really think anyone but my friends ever read here (Ann, if you're not too busy I'd love to hear from you. Did you move back "home" yet?)

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Daph sa...

Hello my friend!! :)
Usually one of the first things I do in the morning is sit down and go immediately to your blog to see if you've written anything new!! Since we don't get to talk as often as I'd like, I always feel like I at least know a bit of what's going on!! You have NO IDEA how much I appreciate it!! Love to you all! I'll let you know how Rick's surgery goes next week as soon as I get him home and situated!

crrly sa...

Jag läser!

Och jag vill också höra från Ann!!!! Är sÅ nyfiken och har inga kontaktuppgifter!

Anonym sa...

So do I have to comment in English now? Feels somewhat awkward, but what the heck. (If I was an american I would be from Texas and talk like Dr Phil. No, not really, because I would live in Stars Hollow. Yes, Stars Hollow!)So, GOOD FOR YOU!I DO want you and Diana to get along! And Harry....If my husband leaves me I'm going to marry Harry. Harry or Jon Stewart, I haven't decided yet. I guess Harry is taller, but Jon is jewish, which is sexy too. Don't tell R, I want him to stay. Love, V.