fredag, november 07, 2008


Just because everything looks fine and dandy doesn't mean that it is. Yes, I am going on a fantastic trip to Florida in January (and I will gloat about this more). At the same time there is someone that should have come with us but isn't. Obv. I'd choose no Florida+no divorce over Florida+divorce any day. If it was my choice. But it's not. It's not even my divorce.
And would I rather go to London in May or have a functioning relationship with one of my closest relatives? I have to get back on that one. What I did was confront this person about all the things that aren't working (like an adult I wrote a letter...) and while we were waiting for the letter to be delivered we booked the tickets. I got the expected response and I will want a trip to London in May. (That was dramatic effect, I always want to go to London. It's an affliction.)
And I'd skip all the trips if my sister-in-law (term used broadly I have many v. close cousins) could keep the new baby inside for another week or so, so that the baby's lungs will be mature enough (baby's fine though and should be so even if he/she arrives tomorrow.)

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Evova sa...

wil be nice to see you in May though. and sometimes you just have to accept other peoples way to live their lives, even if you just want to be like carla in scrubs and butt in with advice.