fredag, december 05, 2008


1. Publish the rules on your blog
2. Answer the six 8 items
3. Challenge others

8 Favourite Programs

West Wing
HIGNFY pref w. Boris
Vicar of Dibley
McLeod's Daughters

8 Things I did Yesterday

Delivered 1 gargantuan job
Delivered 1 smaller job
Collected children from daycare/school
Folded laundry for 2 hours
Had several cups of tea
Had sandwiches with mayonnaise, black pepper and tomatoes for dinner
Watched Medium

8 Things I look forward to

Having lunch with very pregnant lady today
Sunday when I get to sleep late
Visiting with a very new baby this weekend
Christmas Eve at home
All of Christmas at home
Disneyworld in January (I have actually started packing)
Brighton in March - all by myself
London in May -with family and a date with Rowan Atkinson. It's true, yes it is.

8 Favourite Restaurants

Moshi Moshi (Brighton)
That Spanish tapas place in Brighton with the burning sausages
Branteviks bykrog
Fyra knop
Shake Shack They have cheese fries.
Måns Byckare in Simrishamn have the best mashed potatoes and meatballs and lingonberry jam in the world.
That's only 7 but I think it's quite good for someone who eats out maybe once every three months. I quite liked Mathias Dahlgren too.

8 Items on my wish list

Iittala glasses (either clear or water blue)
Bedspread from Indiska
Chocolates from NK
Nigella books, the ones I don't have
Also I'd like the Jamie Oliver book that has the recipe with the Asian beef that we saw on tv
Plastic bead heart
Gift certificate from American Apparel
Lots, lots, lots of snow.

I'd quite like to see Daphne's answers!

2 kommentarer:

Evova sa...

hur var Jenny?

don carlos inbokad for mars!


Eva-L sa...

Jenny var bra. Hon är så skönt lugn, precis som jag när jag är gravid.
Mm, Don Carlos. Jag ska ha brinnande krovar och de där korvarna i tomatsås med ett ägg i och räkor med aioli. Lovely.