måndag, februari 02, 2009

Me and my fears

I cracked a tooth on Friday (eating a lovely lunch from a great Eastern mediterranean food place in town) and although I did call my dentist right away, I did not go to the emergency dentist place, as I really did not want to deal with it. Instead I had a few glasses of wine and dinner with some friends and managed to lose 1/4 of the tooth. But as it didn't hurt (apart from when the sharp edges cut my tongue) I continued to ignore it. I did call again today, to speak to my dentist's nurse who still didn't have a spot for me. Until one hour later when she called me back and said "Can you be here in 45 minutes?". As I was already quite close by I couldn't say no, so I went, hoping they'd say this looks OK, we won't do anything, just don't bite very hard. No such luck. My dentist started by saying I'll just prod a bit to see how far down the crack goes, prodded and then stopped at my very sharp intake of breath (intake with sound). Then I got some local anaesthesia, and she started to remove the old filling, which made me squirm, so I got some more, stronger local anaesthesia, lovely, and after that I didn't feel much, apart from terror, anxiety and more terror. I managed to to some (yoga) breathing but it was very difficult to relax. After a bit I just gave up and did the proper breathing exercise and that helped (my mantra was I can still breathe). I can't describe what she did to my tooth, as this, thankfully, is not one of my areas of expertise (I'm a lot better with asphalts, especially bitumen emulsions, which she didn't use), but it involved lots of shiny tapelike things (i.e. like sellotape), that I never saw coming out again, much prodding, lots of drawing the whole side of my face out/upwards, to be able to reach I guess. Very little blood, which I think is commendable. And the nurse looked like that cute latina girl who almost marries Shane in L Word. I know I'm not gay, but in these situations you just have to cling to what's good. So that's what I did today. What did you do?

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anna sa...

ajajaj... det var värt många semlor.

Daph sa...

So sorry to hear about your tooth!! I absolutely fear going to the dentist!! Not because of some terrible ordeal that I've had going, but I just hate the thought of something being done to my teeth!! I'm a huge teeth person so to say..it's usually the first thing I notice about people. :o) But your writing is lovely! I do enjoy reading it!