torsdag, februari 05, 2009


Daphne tagged me on Facebook

25 random things about me

1. I have 72 Agatha Christie books. One day I will have a complete collection, but I’m not working very hard at it, as it is the collecting I like.
2. When I lived on campus at UniS, I went to the One Stop Shop almost every day during my second term to get donuts. I didn't gain any weight.
3. I quit smoking 8 years ago this month. I don’t miss it awfully, just sometimes.
4. Sometimes when I do house work I start thinking about my grandfather and I cry (as he died 15 years ago and I miss him).
5. If I start reading a new crime novel when I go to bed I can’t put it down, I either have to finish it or speedread it.
6. I can never remember the date I got married, but I can remember the birth months of my husband's co-workers children.
7. I'm quite good at baking bread; I can always tell when the dough is perfect. I think it's in my genes as both my grandmothers were/are very, very good at baking.
8. I’m bone-lazy.
9. I drink 6-8 cups of tea a day. Mainly PG Tips. But also, green mint tea, peppermint tea and sometimes white tea.
10. Ever since I read Deborah Hautzig's Second Star to the Right, I've wanted to go to The Russian Tea Room in New York. I went there in October; it was nice but nothing special.
11. I’ve seen Michail Baryshnikov dance.
12. My favouritest coffee place in the world is Costa in Britain.
13. I dream of going to India, but am afraid I would want to stay forever.
14. I have done yoga for 1 year and will never quit.
15. I have my own room in our flat.
16. Our flat has 6 rooms, and still I’m stuck with the pet budgie.
17. I spend far too much time randomly surfing the Internet; it is the biggest time thief and I'm getting fed up.
18. I like wearing black. I think it makes me invisible.
19. I've had my driver’s license for 1 year and 3 months and am beginning to enjoy driving.
20. I dream of having my own car (Mini Cooper Clubman in racing green), but can't because of environmental issues.
21. I make less money than anyone I know, but I love my job.
22. My winter coat is 5 years old, same as my youngest child.
23. I would love another baby, but know when to stop.
24. If it had been purely my decision, my children would be called Charlie and Henke.
25. I’ve had two horses, Wittus and Snookie. It was a long time ago and they’re both dead now.

I don't wanna tag anyone, but I hope some of you will do this anyway.

3 kommentarer:

Evova sa...

I know when your wedding day is. I get a warning from Interflora 3 days before hand. I havent put any childrens bdays in as I am friends with their parents and I while their bdays are probably very important to the parents I am less interested. Unless I get cake. In which case I can feign interest and even get a card...

Articuno sa...

Jag ska roa mig med det här ikväll, till hockeyn.

Eva-L sa...

Eva: I'm not at all interested in birthdays. I just clings to my brain taking up valuable space.
Articuno: Jag har läst och det var kul, men undrar varför inte vampyrer går under skräck.