torsdag, oktober 08, 2009


Yesterday I started browsing eBay for christmas tree decorations ( I want frosted baubles that looks like cones) and I would love some snow. NOW. Nils marked Christmas Eve in their calendar the other day and I think we'll have a lovely time anticipating Christmas this year. We already planned another glöggtasting (it's like mulled wine only a lot sweeter) (we had one with Eva last year and it was great) I'll just have to remember to order this year's glögg, it's supposedly not very good. I quite liked the one that had glitter in it so we'll def. have that one again and also the chocolate one was nice.

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Evova sa...

i am so so looking forward to this years glogg. and of course to seeing you and getting some nice snacky bits on the side. am sure you can invent some new ones betweeen now and then