torsdag, mars 11, 2010


Häromflera veckor sen gjorde jag pasta bolognese till söndagmiddag. Det blev gott och ännu godare igår, när Johan fick den till middag eftersom den pastasås som Nils gjorde (bacon, kyckling, grädde, kryddor, soja, ketchup, jag plockade fram ingredienserna, han stekte och kryddade) blev så god att vi åt upp nästan allt innan Johan hann hem.
Daph, I made bolognese sauce a few weeks ago. I think maybe this is one of those dishes I'm going to make all the time now, til everyone hates it but me. It's that good. I don't remember everything I put in it, but fine chopped carrots, onions and celery root, bay leaf, white wine and minced meat. And tomatoes, some organice tinned plum tomatoes, that were quite nice. And pork belly obv.

3 kommentarer:

Daph sa...

it looks good, looks like something that I would want to eat often!

Evova sa...

do you finely chop the celeriac? nice touch. will have to get the house husband to try out.

Eva-L sa...

I didn't use celery root (what do you say, Daph, celery root or celeriac?)at all, just plain celery and yes finely chopped. Finelu chopped carrots, onions and celery is called something in chef speak, can't remember. It's a good base for almost anything.