fredag, mars 19, 2010


Igår fick vi ett paket med böcker och choklad på posten. Det är den bästa sortens paket.
Daph, I got a care package from my friend in Connecticut. My family, incl. my sister, loves everything Reese's. Me, I prefer Tootsie Rolls.

2 kommentarer:

Evova sa...

i dont even know what tootsie rolls are. will investigate... let me know what you think of kelley armstrong!

Eva-L sa...

It's toffee. Johan always buys a big bag, when in USA and I say why do you buy toffee and then I eat them all. Btw, they all loved the Reese's Eggs. And Edvin thought the KitKat was exquisite.
And I thought the first 10 pages of KA were a bit bland and then she went to NY state and now I can't put it down. Will probably finish it today.