måndag, mars 08, 2010

I love the cake

Och på Olof Viktors åt vi blåbärscheesecake (jag), citronmarängpaj (Johan), glasyr (med morotskaka)(Nils) och kolatriangel (Edvin). Lika gott som vanligt och blåbärscheeseckaen var ny (för mig).
Daph, when we were in Skåne we went to a nice café and had carrot cake, blueberry cheeseckae, lemon meringue pie and av chocolate toffee cake. I wish I could take you there. When you finally come to Sweden you're going to have to stay here for 6 months for all the places we have to visit.

2 kommentarer:

Evova sa...

GROOOON av avund.

Daph sa...

I would certainly love, love, love to stay 6 months!!!!!