måndag, mars 29, 2010


Johan made mojitos. Our local shop has spearmint plants (grönmynta), which are perfect for mojito. (And also the chocolate mousse I made 2 weeks ago).
I used my lovely Kitchenaid to make the crust for the pie.

When Edvin saw the pie he said: It's dill pie. It's not, it's Jamie Oliver's Key Lime Pie (which is not a key lime pie at all as it contains no key limes). Edvin didn't like it anyway, he thought it tasted like cheesecake (he absolutely cannot eat cheese, he hates it in every form (hence the odd lasagna I made the other day)). It was a very good pie and I was so excited for an opportunity to use my new zester that I did the decoration 10 hours before the pie was served. But then Johan got a chance to use the zester too. He may not have been as thrilled as I was.

3 kommentarer:

Daph sa...

Connor & I love key lime pie!!! Love the Kitchenaid mixer color too!! Mine's white..(blah).. the mojitos look delicious!! Cheers!!

Articuno sa...

Det var väldigt gott! Tack så mycket!

Articuno sa...

Daph, I tried the mojito, and yes, it was delicious. As was the pie.