tisdag, juni 15, 2010

Birthday books

Many years ago the children's grandmother got them 2 I Spy books (from Scholastic) when in USA and both kids love them. I'm not as fond of them nowadays, with my eyesight getting dimmer every time I think about it, but I remember the first time me and Johan looked in one, I can still find everything in that first picture. Tonight I was looking through the children's book case to get ideas for Edvin's birthday which is coming up soon. He loves his "leta"*-books more than anything so I decided to see if I could order a new one. I found this

(and many more at adlibris) and he's gonna love it! I also got him a book about Frans by Christine Nöstlinger, one of my own favourite writers of fiction for children ( I still read Wetti & Babs every summer in Skåne). I also got him a book on weather. He quite likes facts.

*leta=look for

And for myself I got The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins and some vampire books.

Scholastic has a website that looks very interesting if you like books with glitter on them, and you do.

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Daph sa...

I love your choices for Edvin!!! He & I would have a splendid time looking at/reading them!!!! ♥ to all!!!!

Anonym sa...

Glitter ÄGER!/V.