söndag, juli 04, 2010


Anna grillar koncentrerat.
Edvin har en fästing bakom örat.

Daph, these are pics from our visit to my parents. My sister's in charge of the cheese. The black spot behind Edvin's ear is a tick.

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Evova sa...

eeeeuuuuuwww! jag ar livradd for fastingar. gott om dem har sags det. jag ringer dig nar jag far en sa far du beratta hur jag blir av med dem. aaaaackligt!

Daph sa...

Anna is simply beautiful! And love her outfit!!! Everything is sooo green there! How's your weather & temps?? I WOULD HAVE DIED with that tick!!!! Courtney had one on her arm last summer but it hadn't embedded yet! Thank goodness! Looks like you had a fabulous time!

Eva-L sa...
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Eva-L sa...

It is VERY hot here, around 86 F- But it's also quite dry so it's tolerable if we just stay still.
I'm quite used to the ticks, you just pull them out with a pair of tweezers. Unless you're in the Stockholm area, then you get the shots before going out.