fredag, juli 16, 2010


I made my annual visit to the Chanel store in Copenhagen. I never go in, but it's very comforting.
We went to Tivoli, the funfair in Copenhagen, with my sister. It was a good trip. Edvin and I went on the Viking ships twice and Edvin had the most delicious smoothie.We spent one fabulous afternoon/evening at Johan's cousin's gorgeous new house. The children got along like a house on fire and just before we left they all climbed our car. (Edvin turned up after I snapped the picture, but he obv. went further than all the rest.

Edvin's 7th birthday. I cannot believe that I haven't got small children anymore. (I still have trouble believing that I have children at all).

2 kommentarer:

Daph sa...

Thank you for sharing your photos as always...I always check to see if you've added anything new, I miss talking to you & at least this way, I feel connected! L♥ve to all!!!

Evova sa...

Har det svalnat nog sa du orkar skriva? Alska Kopenhamn! BIlderna ser for harliga ut. Kram