måndag, augusti 02, 2010

More summer pictures, because this is the summer that never ends

This summer Nils bought 12 new Bamse magazines and read them all in one sitting (2 hours). So we got him another 36 and he read them as well, but not in one sitting.
Edvin had a yard sale, but didn't sell much (he did have a knife through his head, which may have scared off potential customers.). He tried again at bigger yard sale and made SEK 200 ($30).

3 kommentarer:

Evova sa...

Enterprising young man! Oh and just wait til its Feb and dreary and grey and you will think - why did I ever complain about summer? :-)

Eva-L sa...

Thank gods we already booked that holiday in Florida for February, cos I know you're right!

Daph sa...

wonder where his LOVE for reading comes from?? hmmm??? :o) sweet pics! Go Edvin on the yard sale! I'm having one the 3rd of Sept!