onsdag, augusti 25, 2010


Väckarklockor. Morgnar. Höst. Lycka.

Daph, I got the kids their first alarmclocks (I got one too). I can't help but wonder if I ever will get to have an uninterrupted sleepin while the boys get up and go to school or if I'm forever going to fuss around them. I need a class in detachment parenting.

2 kommentarer:

Daph sa...

love this photo of the clocks in a row..you have an eye for photography! I know exactly what you mean..I get their clothes out the night before school..but if I didn't get them up & going, they both would sleep all morning & miss school! when you find that class, please see if it's available locally for me too!

Eva-L sa...

Thank you:)
I may have to start the movement of det.par. myself.