måndag, oktober 11, 2010

Coca-cola cake

This is sunflower oil, butter and coca-cola, boiling on the stove. It's for the cake I baked yesterday. Evova and I had a baking session, via Skype. She also made a coca-cola steak while I made plain meatballs. It was great fun. I forgot to put cocoa powder in my cake, but I can't help thinking this was a lucky mistake as I'm certain it tasetd better without. It was very sweet obviously, but there was a taste of ginger cake in it that I liked. If I ever make it again I will add some extra ginger and citrus flavour.

If you go to the site with the recipes you might wanna mute the sound.

2 kommentarer:

Evova sa...

Jag tog med resterna (dvs det mesta av kakan) till jobbet o den forsvann pa 15 minuter.

Eva-L sa...

Jag frös in min, jag tror den blir bättre då. och så ska jag göra frosting till den när jag tar tinat den, men inte cocacolafrosting, utan creamcheese.