onsdag, mars 21, 2012

Sports holiday

Daphne, recently the kids had a week off school, a sports holiday, for skiing, skating etc. All the snow disappeared so we never got to do much besides reading a lot and going into the woods around my parents house looking for bones from dead animals (E. has a museum of sorts (gah, now I remembered that museum of torture somewhere in Italy)). In this first picture the kids are setting up rules for the WoW RP they're about to play, in the second picture are leaves from both wild strawberries and Anemone Hepatica (blåsippa in Swedish, but I'm not sure what you call it Daphne), the third picture is E. and my dad scavenging. I went along and we found lots of lovely leftover pine cones and hazelnuts from squirrels and woodpeckers (I have better pictures, but can't find the cable to connect the proper camera to the computer ...)

And the last picture is the caf in town where I spent my youth.

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