torsdag, augusti 28, 2008

För trött

Jag sitter vid mitt skrivbord och ringer till min mobil som är borta. Mobilen börjar ringa, den ligger ungefär 50 cm ifrån mig på en burk som jag använder som syskrin. Jag ställer tillbaka den vanliga telefonen och tar upp min mobiltelefon och tittar på displayen och tänker "åh, ett missat samtal, undrar...". Nu går jag och lägger mig på soffan igen.

onsdag, augusti 27, 2008

Today's meatball recipe

minced beef
bit of a carrot, grated
bit of an onion. grated so the kids don't find any onion in the meatballs
dried thyme
cooking cream
mix together
make meatballs of about half of the mixture and fry them in butter
chop some feta cheese and sundried tomates in balsamic vinegar
grate one clove of garlic
chop some flat-leaf parsley and add all of the above to mixture
make patties and fry in butter
I'm going to add some cream to the pan when the patties are done and make some gravy for the kids. I'll serve this with cucumber and green bell pepper. And boiled potatoes.

söndag, augusti 24, 2008


And here is where I almost died when the drunk driver without a driving licence crashed into the wall just where I was standing seconds before. I jumped over/on my bike (which is in the picture) and landed on what we in Swedish call the sitting bone (sittbenet). But the doctor said I'd only hurt the soft parts. He knew this beacuse he prodded the bruises quite ungently.

Summer photos 2

N's birthday cake, N posing at legoland, he's actually saluting, I don't where he got that from, N writing his very first letter; he wrote one word/line and finished each line with an exclamation mark.

Summer photos 1

Edvin having chocolate ice cream (N already finished his), Edvin's birthday cake, Edvin in a lion at Legoland.

torsdag, augusti 14, 2008


I actually bought a song from Itunes w. Diana Ross. To be fair it was The Supremes, but still, it is a bit of a step forward I think. The song was Where Did Our Love Go. I kind of like it and I was gonna tell you earlier when we spoke on the phone, but Harry kind of took my breath away. I'm gonna get For Once in My Life now.

This is really a personal message to V, but we've already spoken on the phone for hours this week. Also I'm going to write in English for a bit so Daphne can read too. Maybe it'll cheer her up a bit. But then I don't really think anyone but my friends ever read here (Ann, if you're not too busy I'd love to hear from you. Did you move back "home" yet?)

lördag, augusti 09, 2008

Brisbane wedding photographer

Jonas's photo blog:

Jag har följt Jonas blogg sedan han började blogga ungefär. Det jag gillar mest är hans överraskningar. Han får sitt liv att låta underbart dramatiskt fast det egentligen nog är ungefär som mitt.

One of my favourite blog posts is the one with the photos telling his readership that he has become a father. Lovely surprise, gorgeous photos. His photos are fabulous and now he wants to be a professional photographer. In Brisbane. Photographing weddings. He'll probably be the best wedding photographer ever.