måndag, december 29, 2008

In flight entertainment

I'm synchronising my ipod for the trip to Florida. I added one book for the kids, Bamse in Egypt, it's all of 20 minutes so will be a great relief during the 10,5 hour flight ... For myself I added Blackadder 3 and Julie Walters autobiography That's another story. I love listening to autobiographies, I never read them, I love that most of them are read by the author which just makes all the more real. I do cry a lot as people tell such horrid stories ( like C by John Diamond or My Turn by Norman Wisdom) but I love them. I've also added my new Glasvegas album and will try not to sing along to Fuck you it's over.
Apart from the 20 minutes of Bamse the kids will also have their new Nintendo DS consoles, one Ben 10 game (N and I are both stuck on the first boss, so I'll have to bring a walkthrough guide) one Sponge-Bob Squarepants game (also stuck, no guide available, but this is Edvin's game so we just start from the beginning) and Harvest Moon which is lovely and time consuming, more Bamse magazines, as N can read them himself, more books (incidentally 2 more Bamse books), one Littlest Pet shop toy each and lots and lots of snacks. Johan is bringing his computer so that they'll be able to watch a movie or two. And this is only beacuse I think long flight are boooooring. They'll probably fall asleep after an hour and leave me with all the games and snacks.

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Evova sa...

Please list all the snacks you are bringing too! I was on a flight from Belfast with a family with 2 kids and the mum had crisps, sarnies, biscuits, more biscuits and chocolates. We had nothing. I was jealous.