måndag, februari 16, 2009

Food, glorious food

In three weeks I'm going to visit Eva in Brighton again. I'm very excited as she booked a lunch for us at St John Restaurant in Smithfield. I wasn't sure I was actually going to be able to eat there after reading what chitterlings are really made of, but I liked the dessert menu and today when I looked again they had changed the menu somewhat and now there are many things I'd quite like to try, so much so that she'll probably have to book us in again for November.
Funny thing about the menu though, I had to spend around 30 minutes translating and/or researching it. Here are a few of the starters, all of the mains and all of the desserts:

Hake, Bread & Green Sauce

Chitterlings & Dandelion

Whole Crab & Mayonnaise

Cold Roast Middlewhite & Pickled Quince

Roast Bone Marrow & Parsley Salad

Roast Lamb & Chard
Lemon Sole & Tartare Sauce
Fennel & Berkswell
Mallard & Parsnips
Faggot & Swede
Arbroath Smokie & Mash
Lambs Tongues, Butterbeans & Anchovy


Eccles Cake & Lancashire Cheese
Chocolate Terrine & Honeycomb Ice Cream
Bread Pudding & Butterscotch Sauce
Blood Orange, Meringue & Cream
Rhubarb & Apple Crumble
Bakewell Tart & Jersey Cream
Treacle Toffee Ice Cream
Lemon Sorbet & Russian Vodka
Madeleines (1/2 Dozen) (fifteen minutes)

I just realised that they've changed it since earlier; now it's the supper menu so not everything I found is there, but never mind. Here's my list of words:
woodcock - morkulla
Dexter sirloin - Dexter ras
brill - slätvar (plattfisk)
Berkswell cheese
Mallard - anka gräsand
chard - mangold ( I actually knew this one, my granddad was a fabled chard grower)
faggot - meatball (please do your own research regarding this one, fascinating!)
hake - kummel
coley - (grå)sej

Middlewhite is a huge piece of pork with fat, crackling and meat.

Isn't this the best? Food and learning combined. It's like a little bit of hevaen on earth. And for extra added pleasure, the food they serve seems very Victorian. Doesn't this make you quiver with excitement? No?

fredag, februari 13, 2009

Remembering the warmth

These are some random photos from Florida. Daph, I'll be putting up more on Flickr, have I invited you to see my pictures there? In one photo Edvin is eating a soft icecream vanilla/chocolate with strawberry jam. Made with real strawberries. Yum! In another me and Nils are on our way up to the beach on Cocoa Beach. Hard to believe this was so recent when it's freezing outside my window! Also, there's a picture of me and Edvin, Edvin looks tired and
my hair looks great. The last picture was taken at night in the Magic Kingdom. I like the way the kids look.

torsdag, februari 12, 2009

Mina resor 2009

Januari - Orlando, Florida
Februari - Sportlov i Östergötland
Mars - Brighton, St John i London
April - Påsk i Skåne
Maj - Rowan Atkinson i Oliver!, London (Montezuma's i Brighton)
Juni - Morrissey, i Stockholm, men jag måste resa till andra sidan söderförort
Juli - Skåne
November - Eddie Izzard i Stripped, Brighton
Gud vet vad jag ska hitta på i augusti, september och december.


I helgen ska jag och min syster, och ev. J se Eden Lake. Jag tänker mycket godis (choklad för chocken) och kuddar. Jag gillar skräckfilm, men törs inte se några eftersom jag blir så mörkrädd efteråt och jag måste ju sitta här ensam i lägenehten och jobba, med en stor , kall, tom (?) vind ovanför mig. Men Eden Lake borde jag väl kunna se, intalar jag mig. Hur otäck kan den vara?

fredag, februari 06, 2009

Aches and pains and blood

When I was little my dad used to tell us stories from his childhood. It's rough parenting: using horror stories as a teaching aid. We used to always beg for these stories of when he did his best to kill/maim/mutilate himself, every time by honest mistake. My favourite story is the one when he and his friends played at a building site and he jumped down from something onto a 2 by 4 and got at nail through his foot. He then walked back to the house, about three houses away, there were loads of building sites around their house where he grew up, and my grandmother stepped on the plank and lifted dad off the nail, then she put him on the back of her bike and took him to doctor Kallenbäck, most likely after hitting him over the head for being so stupid. She was always taking him to doctor Kallenbäck on her bike. The doctor thought they ought to have a fastpass. Another time he was on the side of their house by the cellar entrance. The entrance to the cellar was of the kind that is dug down next to the house, with concrete steps going down and a metal railing around the top, so no one would fall down (you can probably see where this is going). We were allowed to play at the end where you only fall down on the first step. Dad somehow leaned over at the deep end and fell head first down all the way. And grandmother put him on the back of her bike and pedalled away to doctor Kallenbäck. It is difficult to say whether he actually ever sustained any real damages (apart from the beating he took every time he did something stupid, which was basically every day), but he is still very reckless and accident prone. It makes for a few good stories though. And a few heart-breakingly sad ones.
Yesterday Edvin hit his elbow hard and was very unhappy about this so to cheer him up I decided to tell him about the time I hit my ankle, the similarity being that it hurts worse when you hit a bit of the body with no fat or muscles, only skin and bone, on my bike, which happened ALL the time, but this time it started bleeding profusely. My dad was in the garage and he came out on the street and started taking me back to the house calming med down and said he had something that would help and went into the garage and took out his fishing bag and I nearly died. I was certain he was going to take out a fishing hook and put this in my wound (I don’t know why). He proceeded to pull out a plaster. I wonder if I would have let him put a hook in my foot. Probably. Despite all the stories about how reckless he had been I trusted him completely. He obviously knew a thing or two about survival.

When I called him just now to ask if I remembered the doctor’s name correctly he also reminded me of the time when he was poking with a stick in a ditch full of water and managed to fall in and somehow get a smallish stone under his eyelid. I’d repressed that one. He also suggested his experiences as an explanation to some of Edvin's mishaps, which made my blood run cold. Because I know that if I had asked him, he would have been able to tell me that he did something equally stupid last week. And it’ll be something else next week.

torsdag, februari 05, 2009

But of course

Alien life forms 'could number thousands', UK scientist says. Not news, really. On my birthday in 2067 we'll make first contact.


Daphne tagged me on Facebook

25 random things about me

1. I have 72 Agatha Christie books. One day I will have a complete collection, but I’m not working very hard at it, as it is the collecting I like.
2. When I lived on campus at UniS, I went to the One Stop Shop almost every day during my second term to get donuts. I didn't gain any weight.
3. I quit smoking 8 years ago this month. I don’t miss it awfully, just sometimes.
4. Sometimes when I do house work I start thinking about my grandfather and I cry (as he died 15 years ago and I miss him).
5. If I start reading a new crime novel when I go to bed I can’t put it down, I either have to finish it or speedread it.
6. I can never remember the date I got married, but I can remember the birth months of my husband's co-workers children.
7. I'm quite good at baking bread; I can always tell when the dough is perfect. I think it's in my genes as both my grandmothers were/are very, very good at baking.
8. I’m bone-lazy.
9. I drink 6-8 cups of tea a day. Mainly PG Tips. But also, green mint tea, peppermint tea and sometimes white tea.
10. Ever since I read Deborah Hautzig's Second Star to the Right, I've wanted to go to The Russian Tea Room in New York. I went there in October; it was nice but nothing special.
11. I’ve seen Michail Baryshnikov dance.
12. My favouritest coffee place in the world is Costa in Britain.
13. I dream of going to India, but am afraid I would want to stay forever.
14. I have done yoga for 1 year and will never quit.
15. I have my own room in our flat.
16. Our flat has 6 rooms, and still I’m stuck with the pet budgie.
17. I spend far too much time randomly surfing the Internet; it is the biggest time thief and I'm getting fed up.
18. I like wearing black. I think it makes me invisible.
19. I've had my driver’s license for 1 year and 3 months and am beginning to enjoy driving.
20. I dream of having my own car (Mini Cooper Clubman in racing green), but can't because of environmental issues.
21. I make less money than anyone I know, but I love my job.
22. My winter coat is 5 years old, same as my youngest child.
23. I would love another baby, but know when to stop.
24. If it had been purely my decision, my children would be called Charlie and Henke.
25. I’ve had two horses, Wittus and Snookie. It was a long time ago and they’re both dead now.

I don't wanna tag anyone, but I hope some of you will do this anyway.

tisdag, februari 03, 2009


Today I started following Stephen Fry on Twitter as he's gorgeous. And brilliant. And also quite handsome. After a while I had a new person following me. And after another while another new follower. Why is this? I thought. I update my Twitter once every 6 months or so. I decided to write something and when I did, I saw that my last Twitter was about my husband taking nudie pics of me to document bruises I got in an accident. Are men so base?

And what's the difference between friends and followers on Twitter? I have been thinking about using Twitter more, rather than the Facebook status update, but I need a user manual I think. Also I'm afraid I would be voted most boring person on Twitter as I'm neither funny nor spiritual. (I'm allowed unimportant problems, cos of the tooth thing *points down*).

Also the nudie pictures are of the variety that makes you sick to the stomach rather than horny. (Not because of the bruises, but because I do not look good naked (I do want to live life according to Nakedjen, but it's hard!))

måndag, februari 02, 2009

Me and my fears

I cracked a tooth on Friday (eating a lovely lunch from a great Eastern mediterranean food place in town) and although I did call my dentist right away, I did not go to the emergency dentist place, as I really did not want to deal with it. Instead I had a few glasses of wine and dinner with some friends and managed to lose 1/4 of the tooth. But as it didn't hurt (apart from when the sharp edges cut my tongue) I continued to ignore it. I did call again today, to speak to my dentist's nurse who still didn't have a spot for me. Until one hour later when she called me back and said "Can you be here in 45 minutes?". As I was already quite close by I couldn't say no, so I went, hoping they'd say this looks OK, we won't do anything, just don't bite very hard. No such luck. My dentist started by saying I'll just prod a bit to see how far down the crack goes, prodded and then stopped at my very sharp intake of breath (intake with sound). Then I got some local anaesthesia, and she started to remove the old filling, which made me squirm, so I got some more, stronger local anaesthesia, lovely, and after that I didn't feel much, apart from terror, anxiety and more terror. I managed to to some (yoga) breathing but it was very difficult to relax. After a bit I just gave up and did the proper breathing exercise and that helped (my mantra was I can still breathe). I can't describe what she did to my tooth, as this, thankfully, is not one of my areas of expertise (I'm a lot better with asphalts, especially bitumen emulsions, which she didn't use), but it involved lots of shiny tapelike things (i.e. like sellotape), that I never saw coming out again, much prodding, lots of drawing the whole side of my face out/upwards, to be able to reach I guess. Very little blood, which I think is commendable. And the nurse looked like that cute latina girl who almost marries Shane in L Word. I know I'm not gay, but in these situations you just have to cling to what's good. So that's what I did today. What did you do?

söndag, februari 01, 2009


10 Första

Första bästa kompis – Maria E Lisabeth Fransson, så presenterade hon sig första gången vi träffades på Hyvingevägen i det nybyggda likadana hus-området Solsätter vi flyttade till när jag var 3 år. Vi var bästisar tills jag flyttade därifrån 6 år senare.

Första bil – Den vita eller röda baggen som började brinna vid rödljusen på Storgatan när jag var bara några månader gammal, men det var bara för mamma att lyfta ut liften med mig ur baksätet för jag var inte fastspänd och inte liften heller, och sätta sig i säkerhet. Jag har fortfarande inte haft nån egen första bil, men så har jag ju bara haft körkort i drygt 1 år

Första kärlek – Johan Fernstedt. Han bodde på Solsätters gård och var ett år yngre än mig och jag talade om för alla att vi skulle gifta oss när vi blev stora. Så blev det inte men jag hittade en annan Johan att gifta mig med.

Första husdjur – Sippan och Sassa. Strax innan jag föddes fick mammas tax Sippan valpar och en av dem behöll hon och det var Sassa.

Första semester - Bilresa till Legoland med mamma, pappa, syster, moster, morbror och kusinerna Jenny och Daniel. Vi åkte i en Volvo kombi och vi barn satt längst bak.

Första jobb – Sommarjobb på Medevi lanthandel, 1987. Första riktiga jobbet på Alpha Communications som inhouse translator, 2000.

Första köpta skiva – Som jag köpte själv, Mike Oldfield, Discovery, men innan dess köpte mamma Michael Jackson, Off the Wall till mig.

Första piercing – Öronen i trean. Jag gick med min kusin Malin och min moster Lena, Malin valde guldhjärtan och jag valde blå stenar.

Första konsert – Michael Jackson på Eriksberg 1988. Fast innan dess gick jag på ett tjugotal klassiska konserter med morfar på Folkets Hus, men jag minns inte vilken som var den första. Kanske den när Jorunn Svensk sjönk ur Trollflöjten. Inte den med Staffan Scheja i alla fall. Kanske den med Hans Leygraf. Den med Leningrads sinfonietta var den bästa, men den var senare.

8 senaste

Senaste alkoholdrycken – Två glas vitt vin, Zonnebloem, igår kväll.

Senaste bilfärd – Vi var i Kungens kurva igår.

Senaste filmen du såg – Be kind rewind här hemma, på bio var det nog Twilight.

Senast ringda telefonsamtal – Till min syster i förrgår för att prata om spruckna tand.

Senaste bubbelbadet – Vad jag kan minnas har jag inte badat bubbelbad sedan jag var på Antigua 1999. Det är inte nåt jag gillar. Bubbelbad alltså, Karibien älskar jag.

Senast spelade CD-skiva – Antingen Lily Allen, Alright, Still eller Eddi Reader, Angels and Electricity.

Senaste gången du grät – Minns inte. Jag grät på riktigt (inte tv- eller bokframkallat) senast när James Rigney Jr (Robert Jordan) dog 2007

Senaste måltiden – En massa rostat börd med apelsinmarmelad och lemon curd + gott te.

6 har du någonsin

Dejtat en av dina bästa kompisar - Nej.

Blivit arresterad - Nej.

Blivit kär vid första ögonkastet - Ja.

Fastnat med blicken i någons urringning – Oh, ja.

Sagt att du älskar någon utan att mena det - Nej.

Busringt till någon - Ja.

7 saker du har på dig

1. Glasögon
2. Randig tröja
3. Lila plyschbyxor
4. Vita trosor
5. Orangea strumpor
6. Förlovningsring
7. Vigselring

6 saker du har gjort idag
1. Läst lite i sängen innan jag klev upp
2. Gjort te
3. Ätit frukost
4. Suttit i soffan och pratat med pappa och Johan
5. Vinkat av mina föräldrar
6. Pysslat med Sandy

5 favoritsaker utan rangordning

1. Min bokhylla med innehåll
2. Min dator
3. Engelskt te
4. Min röda örhängen
5. Min soffa

4 personer du kan berätta allt för

Och om jag var tvungen skulle jag kunna berätta allt för mina föräldrar också.

3 val

Blått eller rött? Blått
Sommar eller vinter? Sommar
Choklad eller chips? Choklad

2 saker att göra innan du dör

1. Åka till Japan
2. Bo i London

1 sak du ångrar

Att jag inte pluggade flera år i England.

4 personer du vill ska göra samma blogginlägg

Fru A
Fröken L
(Jag skulle ju kunna skriva Johan Ljung här, men det känns gjort.)
Och V. fast inte i blogg dåra.