tisdag, februari 03, 2009


Today I started following Stephen Fry on Twitter as he's gorgeous. And brilliant. And also quite handsome. After a while I had a new person following me. And after another while another new follower. Why is this? I thought. I update my Twitter once every 6 months or so. I decided to write something and when I did, I saw that my last Twitter was about my husband taking nudie pics of me to document bruises I got in an accident. Are men so base?

And what's the difference between friends and followers on Twitter? I have been thinking about using Twitter more, rather than the Facebook status update, but I need a user manual I think. Also I'm afraid I would be voted most boring person on Twitter as I'm neither funny nor spiritual. (I'm allowed unimportant problems, cos of the tooth thing *points down*).

Also the nudie pictures are of the variety that makes you sick to the stomach rather than horny. (Not because of the bruises, but because I do not look good naked (I do want to live life according to Nakedjen, but it's hard!))

2 kommentarer:

Evova sa...

haha that is the funniest thing today! snigger...

Eva-L sa...

One of them is gone now, turns out I wasn't very daring, I guess.