fredag, februari 13, 2009

Remembering the warmth

These are some random photos from Florida. Daph, I'll be putting up more on Flickr, have I invited you to see my pictures there? In one photo Edvin is eating a soft icecream vanilla/chocolate with strawberry jam. Made with real strawberries. Yum! In another me and Nils are on our way up to the beach on Cocoa Beach. Hard to believe this was so recent when it's freezing outside my window! Also, there's a picture of me and Edvin, Edvin looks tired and
my hair looks great. The last picture was taken at night in the Magic Kingdom. I like the way the kids look.

1 kommentar:

Evova sa...

nice hair. and i agree on the 'where does time fly?'

just a month ago i had great tan and was trying out new beers and rum every day