lördag, juni 13, 2009

The beginning of summer

Daph, this is Nils's last day of the school year (there should really be a better term for this. Tyda suggests speechday, but I don't know). Johan took 15 pictures (3 different angles) that look like this. It's impossible to recognize anyone (I exaggerate I saw Articuno's son in one photo). It was raining, but after we went into their classroom and they read poems and sang for us, this one little girl sang a beautiful song that made many grown-ups almost cry. Why is that? Then we had cake. Edvin had 8 pieces, I had 5. There was one huge cake covered in white chocolate and inside there was custard and more cream and some jam. Lovely. I had made a cheesecake with lots of cream and fresh strawberries.

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Daph sa...

Wow! I can't believe Nils had to go until June...long school year for the little guy..The last day of school is usually very emotional for me(as is the 1st day)!! Courtney is officially in Middle School now!! As for the little girl singing and several grown ups crying... I WOULD HAVE BEEN ONE OF THEM...I am a total sap, I cry at my kids' plays at school, when I visit school for the day and leave them there...u name it, I cry!!!!! By the sound of the cake, I can't blame Edvin for having 8 pieces!!! I would certainly have wanted to have a piece of the white chocolate covered with custard inside!!! mmmmm...and Connor would have devoured your cheesecake..it's his favorite!!! :)