onsdag, juni 10, 2009


Yesterday was Nils's last day of his first schoolyear. I think he's quite relieved it's over. The transition to proper school has been hard on my dreamer. He needs to learn concentration and focus besides the regular three Rs. But we've been working quite hard and it's getting easier. It seems just a lot of attention really goes a long way towards making him sit and write all those letters.
He does not need any help with the reading. This morning he was inspired by a book he read last night and served me breakfast in bed. With a tray and everything. So I let him read in bed every night for almost as long as he wants to.

3 kommentarer:

crrly sa...

Mrn gud, vad söt han är.

Mikael Kamfjord sa...

Måste hålla med crrly - helt klart söt. Genetisk konst :)

Eva-L sa...

Ja, han är ju det. Söt som ett konstverk. Jag blir lika förundrad varje dag.