onsdag, oktober 14, 2009


Håller precis på att leverera 9 000 ord när jag får förfrågan om 8 000 nya. Och jag har ju en shoppingresa till NY att finansiera. Och 100 nya TV-kanaler att titta på.

Daph, I'm finally getting some work (to pay for my shopping in NY). I also finally got around to fixing the digital box for the TV and now I have 100 channels to browse.

torsdag, oktober 08, 2009


Yesterday I started browsing eBay for christmas tree decorations ( I want frosted baubles that looks like cones) and I would love some snow. NOW. Nils marked Christmas Eve in their calendar the other day and I think we'll have a lovely time anticipating Christmas this year. We already planned another glöggtasting (it's like mulled wine only a lot sweeter) (we had one with Eva last year and it was great) I'll just have to remember to order this year's glögg, it's supposedly not very good. I quite liked the one that had glitter in it so we'll def. have that one again and also the chocolate one was nice.