tisdag, december 22, 2009


Yesterday I bought nearly all the Christmas food. I got gravad lax, smoked salmon, pickled herring, anchovies for the Jansson (potato dish), Stilton, bacon and leeks for the bacon rolls and caviar for the egg halves. I haven't bought the sausages and I will need more cream, but that's it. No ham, no meatballs and no ribs. I think maybe I should also get some brussel sprouts, because I like them and they are pretty and who knows, my spinach- and broccoliloving kids might actually enjoy them too.

I'm gonna eat salmon and mayo sandwiches for days!

3 kommentarer:

Daph sa...

will you be having Christmas at your house??

crrly sa...

Oj. Vi har glömt brysselkål!

Pappa ska handla på närlivset imorgon fm. Firar vi i närheten av varandra i år månne??

Eva-L sa...

Daph, we're at johan's parents, but we're going back home after lunch.
Crrly, nej vi är i Lkpg och åker tillbaka till Sthlm på julafton. Vi ska till Västindien så vi vill hem och packa. God jul!