onsdag, februari 24, 2010

Baking in February

This is the lovely dough for lent buns that I posted the recipe for earlier. The recipe is in Swedish, but the ingredients are fairly straight forward except you have to use both yeast and self-raising flour. I can't have almond paste in mine as I'm allergic so we use chocolate pudding. The kids love it, I don't, so I rather buy readymade ones from the shops that have a paste of apricot kernels and are flavoured with almond essence or something. I eat mine wiht hot milk. That's the only way as far as I'm concerned (you put milk in a bowl and heat it and then just plonk the bun in. Good thing I didn't give up these for lent.
One day when Edvin was home from school with a cold he was playing a computer game decorating cupcakes and decided we should make our own. So we did. They were nearly inedible but fun to make.

You can't see it but this is a striped tiger cake. One part of the batter was flavoured with cocoa (from the Dominican Rep. obv.) and the other with blood orange.

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