fredag, februari 05, 2010

Cooking endeavours

Edvin was home from school, for the third day in a row and he came up with the brilliant idea of cupcakes with LOTS of decorations. So we made some nice orange cupcakes, that I almost burnt, hence the odd shapes, and then we made purple glazing and I set him loose with metallic pink sugar balls, pink and white sugar sprinkles, sugar rabbits, purplish caster sugar, peppermint sprinkles, hundreds and thousands and coconut sprinkles. Why are you being so nice, he asked. You should always ask to make stuff I can EAT, I thought. (Usually he just wants to sample all the little pretty sprinkles and I always say no).

I thought I'd try to learn how to make risotto. It's not hard, but the first time I had it was at Era Ora in Copenhagen, at the time they had one Michelin star, I don't know if they still have it. I didn't like the risotto they served, so I knew I had to make a better one. Yes. So I took my Jamie Oliver cookbook and cooked his basic risotto with white wine (I can see that Noilly Prat would be better, but I didn't have any), onion and celery. It looked disgusting, it wasn't very tasty, to me, but I do believe I nailed it. I just don't like risotto. Which is odd, because I like rice and onions, I looooove butter and I think parmesan cheese is alright. And wine, yes, I like that too ... And together it's just a gooey mess that smells cheesy. I will try again, I found another recipe, from River Café Cookbook Green where they cook the rice with pancetta.

3 kommentarer:

Anonym sa...

Är inte heller såld på risotto. En gång åt jag dock en riktigt god på Rolfs kök. Men den var gjord på risoni (tror jag att det heter, sån där risformad pasta), så jag vet inte om den räknas. Den middagen avslutades med att mamma och jag hade ett riktigt praktgräl. Sedan dess undviker vi ämnet politik i våra samtal. Man kan ju prata om vädret. Eller obotliga sjukdomar. /V.

Evova sa...

i think risotto is just a step up from porridge. oh and if you are very poncy you serve it undercooked. hard in the middle. i think its ok. but not brilliant. i prefer paella.

Daph sa...

priceless! thank u for sharing! ♥ to all!!