måndag, maj 17, 2010

Food in England

J had asparagus with melted butter, I had nettle and ham soup. The nettle soiup was not as sharp as the ones I've had in Sweden, but really good. The ham in it was perfect. For main I had skate with lemon, butter and capers. I love capers. And the fish was good, I don't think I've ever eaten skate before. J was a bit more adventurous and had the pig's cheek (which I initially wanted to order). It wasn't the pretty little carved out piece of cheek you get at Mathias Dahlgen, this was the whole cheek, fat, crackling and meat. And bread sticks fried in the pork fat. The mnothful I tasetd was heaven, but J struggled a bit with the fat. The cheek was served with dandelion leaves smothered in a mustard dressing, also very tasty. But this time, as last time, my best bit was dessert. Last time I hade Eton mess with blood oranges instead of strawberries and it was the best dessert I ever had. This time they had treacle tart on the menu and i just had to have that. It tasted a lot like Swedish sirapskakor, down to the ginger, but it was stickier, probably had a lot more treacle in it then the biscuits. The lovely big dollop of gorgeousness next to my tart is Jersey cream. J haf the hot chocolate pudding and ice cream. The chocolate pudding was really good, it was like a soufflé but denser. I think the icecream was flavoured, but with treacle tart stuck in all my teeth it was hard to tell. We could barely walk out of there.
This time I didn't order any side dishes, which Eva and I did on our visit. We should have beacuse the Welsh Rarebit is sublime and right now is all I can think about.

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Anonym sa...

Vad är Jersey cream? Vill jag ha det? Är det bråttom?/V.

Eva-L sa...

Grädde i fast format. Ja. Ja.

Eva-L sa...

Format? Form hade väl varit bättre?