fredag, juli 16, 2010


I made my annual visit to the Chanel store in Copenhagen. I never go in, but it's very comforting.
We went to Tivoli, the funfair in Copenhagen, with my sister. It was a good trip. Edvin and I went on the Viking ships twice and Edvin had the most delicious smoothie.We spent one fabulous afternoon/evening at Johan's cousin's gorgeous new house. The children got along like a house on fire and just before we left they all climbed our car. (Edvin turned up after I snapped the picture, but he obv. went further than all the rest.

Edvin's 7th birthday. I cannot believe that I haven't got small children anymore. (I still have trouble believing that I have children at all).

söndag, juli 04, 2010


The boys rode their bikes (finally!) and looked at a dead deer kid. They came back with very gory details.


Anna grillar koncentrerat.
Edvin har en fästing bakom örat.

Daph, these are pics from our visit to my parents. My sister's in charge of the cheese. The black spot behind Edvin's ear is a tick.