onsdag, september 14, 2011


During the weekend we helped my parents move into their new house (i.e. I grabbed another book shelf for the TV room and J carried a few pieces, then I helped cook for what was nearly my entire extended family (I counted 20 people) and then, beacuse my parents have been moving bits and pieces since August and the actual moving didn't take a lot of time, we went foraging for chanterelles). Daphne, do you remember when we first started writing to each other and my address had "Säter" in it? They're actually moving back there, not the exact same house, but a new(ish) house close by (the property includes a forest! small, but still - a forest!). It feels like coming home and I love it. In the garden there are plums, apples, pears, peaches, gooseberries, raspberries, red currants, cherries, there's even a greenhouse with the loveliest, juiciest grapes. In the forest there are blueberries, wild strawberries, wild raspberries, juniper berries (from which the property's been named).

And, yes, the book on the table is Susan Hill's The Woman in Black, which I read and loved, but wasn't scared to death by. I have to reread it soon as I read it with such trepidation I couldn't enjoy it fully.

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